Who may join the Guild?

According to the Rules & Regulations of the Directors’ Guild, to join the Guild, a director must meet the following prerequisites:

  • A director of cinematic or television audiovisual work of fictional or documentary nature, who had directed at least one production that is at least 10 minutes long, which had been screened in movie theaters or a film festival or had been broadcasted on television.
  • A director who had directed commercials and\or video clips and\or online series, which all had a cumulative length of at least 10 minutes, which had been broadcasted on television or streamed online [subject to authorization by the Guild’s management team].

The prerequisites are subject to the Rules & Regulations of the Israeli Directors’ Guild registered association.

An application by an aspiring member who does not meet any of the prerequisites above will be considered by the Guild’s management at the absence of the candidate, and they may approve their application for Guild membership.

Guild Membership involves a monthly membership fee.