Services provided by the Guild:

The Guild’s website
The website of the Israeli Directors’ Guild provides a variety of information and updates on calls of proposals, dates of funding applications, as well as contests, festivals, workshops, professional lectures, discounts, and other benefits.
The website also serves as a main outlet for news updates regarding issues that the Guild acts for, as well as its activity for promoting original works and the status of the director as a profession.

As a Guild member, you will receive all the Guild’s latest news, as well as updates on calls-to-action, events, submission dates, festivals, benefits, discounts, and more, directly to your mailbox.

Creator page
Each member has a personal creator page on our website, which serves as their business card.
With a personal username & password, you will be able to update this page.
Please note: an initial update of the information on your creator page will be done by the administrative team of the Guild, based on the application form you’ve submitted. You will be able to edit the information on this page later at any time.

“Filmmakers’ Discussion” group on Facebook
Join the Israeli Directors’ Guild discussion group on Facebook. The group, which is open to Guild members only, allows access to relevant information for members, as well as counseling and sharing with fellow members.

Legal consultation
Got a contract that leaves you without any rights or abuses you in any other way?
Are you being presented with conditions that make performing the work required impossible?
Having any doubts and need some help?
Inquire with the Guild. That’s what we’re here for.
Guild members are entitled for an annual one-hour consultation with the Guild’s legal consultant, adv. Liat Dar.

Accounting consultation
Guild members are entitled for an annual one-hour consultation with the Guild’s accounting consultant. In addition, under the “Accounting consultation” section on the Guild’s website, you’ll be able to find elaborations on a freelancer’s obligations to the tax authorities, explanations on tax hedging procedures (recognition of investment in Israeli films as a recognized expense), as well as a list of Guild-verified external accountants who may provide consultation to Guild members at a discounted rate.

Benefits & discounts
Guild members are entitled throughout the year to significant discounts at various professional events and festivals and receive permanent discounts at various institutions and businesses, which are relevant to their profession: cinematheques, equipment rental companies, production aids, and more.

Workshops & seminars
As part of our community perception and as service given to members, the Guild initiates and produces events and professional workshops on various subjects related to a filmmaker’s work. Admission for Guild members is free of charge. Also, Guild membership entitles members to discounts in external workshops and events as well throughout the year.

Income Tax Spread for Directors
After several intensive and long months of meetings and discussions, the Guild had success in promoting an act which would allow filmmakers and TV creators to spread their income from the sale of their rights over their work over several years, depending on the time taken to complete the work instead of a dry annual income tax calculation.

Pension for directors
Due to changes that took place during the last several years on the pension market, and due to the introduction of the law of obligatory pension for the self-employed – which dictates that every self-employed person must deposit defined sums to a pension deposit fund in accordance with their income level, the Guild offers its members a unique pension plan courtesy of “Mivtah Simon” agency.

The Pact of Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Movie & Television Industry
The Israeli Directors’ Guild sees sexual harassment as humiliating and disgraceful behavior, and acts to increase the awareness to this phenomenon and prevent it as much as possible, with the purpose of achieving a pleasant and harassment-free work environment for all creators and employees in the movie and TV industry.
The Guild calls for all its members to act against sexual harassment and contribute to increasing the awareness to this perverted phenomenon.
In 2016, the Pact had been signed by associations of cinema & television work and creator associations, among them: The Israeli Directors’ Guild, Shaham – The Israeli Actors Association, The Israeli Screenwriters guild, The Israeli Editors guild, The Documentary Filmmakers’ Forum, and ACTE – The Association for Cinema & Television Employees.
In the Pact, among other things, is a call to avoid a hostile environment of a sexual character within the framework of the production, and a prohibition of inappropriate contact and\or degrading\humiliating physical treatment. In addition, it has been determined that in any case when staying longer than normal work hours is required, if there would be a special request for it, the presence of another person will be permitted for either party, including in editing rooms, dressing rooms, and makeup rooms, and in cases when no desire\possibility for the presence of a third person exists, then the room’s door must always remain open.
[The full text of the Pact can be found on the Guild’s website].