About Us

The Israeli Directors’ Guild (Registered Association No. 580092609) was founded in the early 1970’s and was registered as a legal association in 1986.

The Guild represents the absolute majority of cinematic, television, video clip, commercial, animation, and new-media directors in Israel and aims to improve the status of the director as a profession, protecting directors’ rights and freedom of speech, and allowing directors to earn a decent living. Currently, there are 450 members in the Israeli Directors’ Guild.

One of the Guild’s main purposes is to protect its members from any detriment that might come from the television and cinematic industries, be it a detriment to the directors’ status or their rights, a contract breach, wage withholding, inappropriate treatment by public funds, or prevention of free speech. By using the Guild’s power as a solidarity organization that represents all its members, the Guild acts to protect all its members equally.

The Guild sees itself responsible for the developments and advancements of Israeli audio-visual work on cinema screens, on television, and new-media platforms, and has stubbornly fought throughout the years for fair creative budgets and for fair game rules and employment laws within the industry.

Among some of the most prominent issues that the Guild acted for: Copyrights and the right for royalties, recovery of public broadcasting and the foundation of the renewed Public Broadcasting Corporation, enforcement of production and broadcasting elite drama & documentary shows, the Israeli Cinema Law, fair rights & work conditions for documentary directors, the fight against subliminal advertising, freedom of speech, and many more.

As part of our community perception and as a service to our members, the Guild hosts events and professional workshops on various subjects related to the director’s work. Aside from their cultural and educational value, we find these activities useful for improving creators’ awareness to their environment and for promoting cooperation and solidarity among the creators and Guild members.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at: info@directorsguild.org.il

Director’s Guild (R.A)

Saadia Gaon st. Tel-Aviv

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